Allergy Testing and Treatment

An allergy occurs when the immune system has a hypersensitivity to a particular substance, called an allergen.  There are many different things your pet could be allergic too, but usually, it is related to food, environment, or fleas.  Your pet may display itching, swollen paws, scabbed skin, sneezing, or runny eyes if there is a possible allergen.  To see if your dog or cat has any allergies, Weston Lakes Animal Hospital takes a sample of the animal’s blood and sends it out to a lab for a food and tropical panel. Treatment of allergies can also take many forms. If your pet is allergic to something in its diet, a simple change of food could be the key. If the allergy is something environmental, different steps can be taken to help your pet. This can include medications, bathing, cleaning of the household, or allergy shots.