Digital Imaging

Digital X-ray

Radiology encompasses multiple means of making and interpreting diagnostic images. Weston Lakes Animal Hospital is proud to offer the latest and most sophisticated radiology equipment which plays a crucial role on proper diagnosis. X-rays are the backbone of radiology, however having image quality that can actually be helpful depends on a properly trained staff and level of quality of the equipment. We have the best available technology in today’s market and our equipment is truly 100% digital (not a blend or adaptation of old technologies). Our equipment is able to capture images in seconds and within less than a minute we can have a BOARD CERTIFIED radiologist interpretation.


Computed tomography (CAT SCAN) are the most advanced use of x-rays in which a computer makes cross sectional images capable of producing 3D imaging and also capable of viewing soft tissues is more details. This modality is very important in neurological conditions and also in identifying different types of tumors.
CT Scanning is offered at the Weston Lakes Animal Hospital at affordable rates. We own and operate our CT Scan, we also offer Contrast Imaging and much more.
Our CT Scan Equipment is the same type as used by Neurosurgeons in Human Hospitals, this technology is used for many neurological procedures with unparalleled quality.