In House Laboratory

Weston Lakes Animal Hospital has the latest and most sophisticated in house laboratory. We operate the complete Heska Line of Blood Diagnostics along with other brands such as Idexx. This allows us to provide our clients with results within minutes.
Nowadays every other Animal Hospital or Animal Clinic has some sort of blood diagnostic equipment. One truly important aspect of in house laboratories is that these machines need effective calibration and daily Quality Control in order to ensure real results. Weston Lakes Animal Hospital runs equipment calibrations and controls on a daily basis to ensure you are getting the most accurate result as possible.

Some of our In House Laboratory capabilities are:

– Complete Blood Count (CBC) with the latest HEMATRUE;
– Comprehensive Chemistry Profiles with the latest Heska Drychem;
– Blood Gas, Electrolytes and Lactate with Heska latest EPOC;
– Blood Gas and Electrolytes – Back up with Heska VitalPath;
– Blood Coagulation profile;
– Heartworm Snap Test;
– Urinalysis;
– Canine PLI Test;
– FeLV/FIV Snap Test;
– Ear Cytology;
– Parvo Virus Snap Test;

The list above encompass only a few of the tests we can do, your Doctor will inform you what exams are necessary. If you need an exam done that we cannot perform in-house, we have agreements with Commercial Laboratories and Universities to ensure we can provide you will all tests needed.

At Weston Lakes Animal Hospital you will find the same level of quality diagnostics and same equipment as on a specialty hospital.