Capt. Viotti – Managing Partner

Rated as Captain on Airline Aircraft such as the Airbus 320 & Boeing 737. – Animal Lover,  Capt. Viotti has quit the Airlines and now dedicates his time Managing and opening new Animal Hospitals throughout the US.  Capt Viotti’s goal is to offer the public with the best Animal care, excellent Doctors, latest diagnostic technology and superior customer service – all at affordable rates.

Capt. Viotti has worked in various sectors of the Aviation industry and currently owns/operate an Airline Training Academy with several Aircraft and with offices in many countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic.

Applying his leadership skills and assertiveness learned as an Airline Pilot, Capt. Viotti Founded and Manages the Weston Lakes Animal Hospital with diligence and unparalleled Quality Standards.