Hector Torres – Head Veterinary Technician

With a vast experience in Emergency Veterinary Hospitals, Hector leads our team of technicians with exemplary quality animal care.

During or whilst recovering from surgeries, animals at Weston Lakes Animal Hospital can count on Hector’s unmatched expertise.

Shilo Padron

Became a veterinary technician in 2014 because he loves animals and because it relates to the field of nursing. He has many qualities that make him an important member to the Weston Lakes Hospital team. For example, he likes to give comfort, not only to the patients, but to the owners as well. He feels that it is important to make sure the owners understand their animal is being very well taken care of. Being a veterinary technician has taught Shilo how to be humble and how to be adaptive to the animals. At the end of the day, his favorite part is making sure the animals leave the hospital feeling better than when they came in. Outside of being a veterinary technician, Shilo studies nursing at Barry University. In the future Shilo doesn’t know if he wants to specialize as a veterinary technician or go into the field if nursing.  When he isn’t working or studying, Shilo likes to play sports and go to church.

Henry Gonzalez / Head Groomer

Originally wanted to be a manager at PetSmart, but one day, his help was needed in the dog grooming department. His patience and natural talent with handling animals started his now current career.  Henry has almost a decade of experience, and he now works at Weston Lakes Animal Hospital. He prides himself on giving the best possible and least stressful grooming to each animal, even if it takes more time. He also enjoys seeing old customers repeatedly come back with their animals. When Henry is not grooming, he likes to do anything that includes fishing and being outdoors.

Emmanuel Cordova

Emmanuel’s first job was at Weston Lakes Animal Hospital. He was one of the first employees hired when the hospital opened in 2013. He applied for the job as a veterinary technician because he had always wanted to work with animals since he was young. Emmanuel says that his care for animals motivates him to work hard, and he is proud when he can handle difficult patients well, because it shows his dedication to the field. His value as an employee definitely manifests in his ability to work well under pressure.  His favorite part about working at Weston Lakes Animals Hospital is refining his skills every day to become a better veterinary technician. Outside of work, Emmanuel likes to dedicate himself to his religion. He also likes to pick up different hobbies, like learning new languages and working with electronics.

Jacqueline Sandrino

Jacqueline was born and raised in Miami, Fl. In 2009, she started her career in the veterinary field as a Kennel Technician. With hard work and dedication Jacqueline has gained experience in veterinary medicine and many technical skills. She has not only worked as a veterinary technician but has also worked as a surgery assistant and a emergency vet tech supervisor. Jacqueline loves the fast-paced environment of being a technician and the variety of tasks that must be performed with each patient. Her love for animals fuels her dream of owning her own pet sitting business. She enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of not only the animals but their owners.